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Giving to USU Geology

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Our Goal

Our department provides many small scholarships as well as critical healthcare and tuition support to our students every year--all possible through charitable giving. We aspire to build select endowments to meet rising healthcare and tuition costs and also to provide significant fellowships to attract underrepresented, first-generation, and high-achieving students.

Make a Gift, Make a Difference

The Summit Initiative is a three year effort to significantly increase the total value of the department’s endowment, specifically to improve student access, fund student enrichment, and develop resources for faculty teaching and research.

Student Access

Alum Adam Short in the field

Student Access Goal: Encourage and attract greater achievement and diversity in our graduate programs by providing fellowships

Student Enrichment

Dr. Carol Dehler with student in a Geology laboratory

Student Enrichment Goal: Enable our existing student scholarships to meet the rising costs of tuition, health insurance, and research experiences

Teaching and Research

Dr. Susanne Janecke in Cache Valley trench

Teaching and Research Goal: Provide faculty with resources for the evolution of our teaching and research, to train students using the latest tools and approaches

Our Summit Advancement Council

  • Stephanie Carney (MS, 2002)
  • Angela Isaacs (BS, 2003 & MS, 2006)
  • Al Jones (BS, 1989 & MS, 1996)
  • Craig Nelson (BS, 1982 & MS, 1986)
  • Jill Pachell (MS, 2001)
  • Dave Richey (BS, 2011 & MS, 2013)
  • Steve Schulz (MS, 1997)

Dr. Jim Evans

The Department of Geology at Utah State University has a number of scholarships that directly support undergraduate and graduate students. All of your gifts are extremely valuable for advancing our mission. For further information on giving to the department, please contact:

Jim Evans, Department of Geology (435) 797-1267