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Applying to Our Graduate Program

You are encouraged strongly to correspond directly with faculty in your target research area in order to gauge their interest in new graduate students and explore possible research projects. Please contact our Graduate Director if you have questions about our graduate programs.


Applications are submitted online here: USU School of Graduate Studies. Your application materials must be complete and on file at the School of Graduate Studies within the first full week of January to be considered for acceptance the following academic year. Decisions about admittance and assistantships are made in March and April.

As part of the Graduate Application process please also fill out the Student Self-Assessment Form and upload this form with your other required application materials to the School of Graduate Studies.

Waiver of GRE Exam Requirement

The Department of Geosciences no longer requires results of the GRE exam for complete applications to our graduate programs. Official GRE scores can be submitted, but this is optional.

Waiver of Application Fee

The Department of Geosciences will cover the application fee for all prospective PhD students. Please discuss this with your prospective faculty advisor, and then contact our faculty graduate director to arrange this.

Apply to the Climate Adaptation Science program

If you are interested, discuss with your prospective graduate advisor whether you should apply for a CAS Specialization to your Geo graduate degree. Learn more about the separate CAS application process.

Departmental Financial Support

Departmental financial aid for research-focused students consists primarily of graduate research or teaching assistantships. These positions pay at a competitive rate for either a 9-month or 12-month appointment, and a graduate stipend goes further in Utah where the cost of living is relatively low. Tuition expenses are covered for holders of assistantships. Finally, student health insurance is subsidized by our department.

In additon, we have an enhanced, 12-month Presidential Doctoral Fellowship available to PhD students:

Presidential Doctoral Fellowship available

The Geosciences Department at Utah State University is a member of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education's (WICHE) Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP). Students from western states may be able to enroll in USU's MS in Applied Environmental Geoscience Program and have their non-resident tuition waived.