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Education Outreach

Education at the USU Geology Museum


Guided Tours
Guided Tours are available for groups. Please call (435-797-1273) or email ( to arrange tours at least one week in advance. We will try to accommodate your visit, but we must work with the schedules of our student volunteers. When you call, let us know if there is a particular topic (e.g. minerals, dinosaurs, local geology) that you would like to have emphasized.

Self Guided Tours
Download a Self-Guided Tour of the museum.

Teaching Kits
The USU Geology Club also has rock, mineral, and fossil sets available for sale.
The Department of Geology has kits of rocks, minerals, and fossils that can be loaned to local schools. Please contact the department to schedule a loan.

Educational Materials
The museum has educational materials on earthquakes and other geologic hazards developed by the Utah Geological Survey. Many of these materials are also available as downloads from government websites. Refer to these government education materials.

Geologic Time Scale
Download the Geological Society of America Time Scale.

Rock, Mineral and Fossil Identification
If you have a rock, mineral or fossil specimen that you would like to have identified, please bring it by. Did you find something that you think might be a meteorite? Someone on the staff can probably tell you about it.

A museum internship experience may be available, depending upon ones interest and the needs of the museum. This could involve the development of displays or educational programs.