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USU Department of Geosciences Speaker Series

Our Speaker Series is supported by Graymont Mining and is presented on Mondays at 3:30 pm via Zoom, unless otherwise indicated.

Questions should be e-mailed to Kelly Bradbury at

Speaker Series Schedule for Spring 2021
Date Speaker Topic Organization
2.17.21 Grad Student Progress Reports Utah State University
1.25.21 Folarin Kolawole Multiscale Structural Deformation Near the Basement-Sedimentary Interface: Insights from Oklahoma  BP America
2.10.21 Colin Philips Grains to Landscapes: The Role of Sediment Mechanics and River Self-Organization in Predicting Watershed Fluxes Utah State University
2.22.21 Kathleen Ritterbush Robot Ammonites and Other Weird Ways to Study Fossil Ecosystems University of Utah
3.1.21 Maria Blevins (Soapstone) The Softer Side of Rocking Science Utah Valley University
3.8.21 Emily Cooperdock Unlocking the Age of Serpentinites with Magnetite (U-Th)/He Chronometry University of Southern California
3.10.21 Emily Cooperdock Reflecting on 40 Years of Diversity in the Geosciences University of Southern California
3.22.21 John Eichelberger Drilling to Magma University of Alaska-Fairbanks
3.29.21 Connie Woodhouse Forster Lecture: Lessons I Learned from Water Managers University of Arizona
3.30.21 (9 am) Connie Woodhouse Foster Lecture: Southern California Perfect Drought: Insights from Tree Rings Universiyt of Arizona
4.5.21 Weihong Wang Building a Nutrient Mass Balance Model for Utah Lake Utah Valley Univesity

Speaker Series Schedule and Archive